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Quote This Project is an innovative web app designed to bridge the gap between homeowners and home improvement professionals, ranging from seasoned contractors to handypeople and students. With the goal to simplify home renovation processes, the app was envisioned as the go-to solution for project quotes.

Despite an impressive launch in 2017 and having exposure on Dragons' Den Canada, QTP encountered development challenges that slowed progression. After a couple of years, Quote This Project approached EspioLabs for a comprehensive digital renovation of their application, resulting in a partnership with EspioLabs & DNSnetworks.

  • Branding
  • App and web development
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Maintenance and hosting
  • Web apps development
  • Web Hosting
After a great launch and national TV debut, QTP ran into unforeseen app development obstacles and delays. Knowing the potential of this project, we were tasked with reigniting its momentum by refreshing its brand and web presence.

Key Words
This color palette gives a visual identity that is inviting and trustworthy. The Vibrant Orange represents energy and action. The lighter orange gives it some warmth and approachability. While the grey and black gives the brand a more stable look and a passionate brand identity.
Light Orange
QTP Orange
We created a new brand identity that resonates more with their audience. This meant that we had to keep things simple yet modern. This was achieved by updating its digital presence through a revamped website, effective social media marketing outreach, email campaigns, and robust web hosting and maintenance services.
The final result was a user friendly and accessible web-based app which simplifies connecting homeowners with the right skilled professionals and students for their home improvement projects.